Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 45

-Rescued prisoners
-did not trust Gervor, nor Orna
-worked to save nameless, catatonic wind cultist
-set up deal with Thuluna to restore cultist mentally for 200 GP (half now, half later), 3 gems for letting him stay 3 days, and for the Seekers to act as emissaries to request land for the monstrous inhabitants of the Crushing Wave Temple
-sent Wulgreda, Gervor, and Graf on their way (via the boat) to Rivergard
-went back to earth temple and fought more guards and a priest with Orna

Session 44

-snuck out with Graf (fought swarm of bats on the way)
-rested in water temple guardroom (left Graf there)
-returned to earth temple to fight Heldorm and free captives
-defeated Heldorm, his guards, and the ogres who came in response to the noise

Session 43

-explored rift (crossed without engaging bats)
-Flint played cards with the guards in the barraks
-group destroyed statue of Ogremoch
-group went in to dining hall, Lantian and Flint convinced guards there that they were in the cult
-Lantian tried to bribe the guards for info (did not work)
-combat ensued, group killed 4 guards and a stonemelder (left a cultist, Graff, alive)
-found out that there are prisoners with another stonemelder to the south, group was thinking about resting

Session 42

-went north
-killed nothics
-fought ettin
-met dao

Session 41

The Seekers concluded their business

-left Edwin
-loaded boat
-secured a job for Chel
-had party thrown for them by Womford
-returned to Rivergard
-visited Thuluna
-headed out towards Earth Cult

Session 40

The party attempted to talk to the priests in the water temple, but found them to be crazed fanatics. A battle ensued which woke the hunger of a hezrou in the water. It came up eating everyone, cultist and intruder alike. The party managed to put it down, but not before one reaver escaped and one was knocked out for later questioning. The reaver who was revived turned out to be a mercenary named Chel. He seemed amenable to selling out for the right price, telling the partyabout the other reaver (Stepheth) and where he might have gone (to the guard post with Khalt and Gordol)

-Lantian set off ward, no damage
-Chel leads to guardpost, tricks cultists, team knocks out Gordol, Chel almost dies
-team saves Chel, Gordol pretends to be dead but dies trying to escape
-Team makes their way out of temple towards Rivergard, meet guards stationed there, get a ride with Captain Rumsfield and Kevin to Womford
-go to Bargewright in, talk to Edwin Bumblesprocket
—Brenna orders exploding arrows (10 up front in GP)
—Lantian orders bag of holding (500GP, 100 up front in gems)
—Nessa orders rope of climbing repairs (300GP, 60 up front in gems)

Session 39

The Seekers decided to interrogate their minotaur captive, but after an exchange between Flint and Nessa as a giant constrictor snake, Nessa accidentally killed the minotaur in her coils. The party headed off to destroy the water node and trident, passing through the various rooms without incident besides picking up a bright orange mushroom dripping black ooze. The group arrived at the waterfall and underground lake, only to find out that Darreth could not swim. Lantian used his levitation powers to carry Darreth to a magic bubble and the group set out in bubbles to the water node. When they arrived, Lantian levitated Darreth to the island and the Seekers began to swim over. Suddenly, tentacles sprouted from the water node as the aboleth Yngukulub revealed himself. He snatched up Darreth and offered to parley with the Seekers for the trident. Lantian offered to talk if Yngukulub would put down Darreth while Brenna and Flint tried to sneak up to the island. Nessa turned into a giant eagle as Brenna and Flint loosed projectiles at the aboleth’s tentacle holding Darreth. Yngukulub threw Darreth in the water and blocked Lantian as he tried to jab the trident into the water node. Lantian considered sacrificing himself to end the threat by diving into the node with the trident, but was then smacked by the aboleth’s tail and send sailing off the island. Nessa rescued Darreth and sent him off in a bubble and the group focused their efforts on fighting the aboleth. Nessa was hit and began to show signs of some sort of disease. Flint rebuffed the aboleth’s attempt to enslave his mind and Brenna loosed arrows from the cavern wall. Finally, Lantian came running in with a stunning strike, stopping Yngukulub long enough to thrust the trident into the water node. The node was destroyed, killing the aboleth in the process. The team then rescued Darreth from floating away and rested on the island. Nessa found that she seemed to have contracted a disease that made her slimy and want to stay in the water. The team rested so Nessa could prepare a spell to end her condition. Her lesser restoration worked and the team decided to leave the city (but perhaps to stop in search of treasure). They snuck back up to the dwarven city and found a well furnished barracks that contained some silver. They then found a shrine with 2 priests and a few cultists.

Session 38

The Seekers fought valiantly, defeating Gar Shatterkeel. In the midst of this, Lantian found out that the alter was the seat of some great evil power. Flint banished Gar’s giant crocodile and the team took Gar’s metal claw and trident. They then quickly left with their new friend Darreth in tow. The team quickly left and tried to rest in the next cavern (with the black, amorphous statue). They were able to take a short rest but then realized the giant crocodile was coming. They quickly defeated it, but then found it was blocking the tunnel. They then finished their long rest. Nessa squeezed over the top of it in search of the remnants of her magical rope. Lantian and Flint went off north west in search of a way around while Brenna went northeast and listened at a closed door (with Darreth in tow). Brenna heard two deep voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Nessa gathered up her rope scraps and returned to Brenna. Lantian and Flint unsuccessfully tried to sneak up on some minotaurs and then convinced them to come check out the defeated Gar Shatterkeel if they could get rid of the giant crocodile. The “Emberhorns” came along and met the rest of the group. They breathed fire and hacked with their greataxes to clear a way through the giant crocodile and continued on with the group to the Fane of the Eye. There, they found that Gar’s body was gone and decided the group was up to something. By that point, it came to blows and the group quickly dispatched of the Emberhorn clan-mates, leaving one alive for questioning.

Session 37

The Seekers left their small island refuge to head out of the plunging torrents. They swam a short ways against the sluggish current before finding the cavern with the stairs through which they entered the cave system. They climbed out, only to find that Morbeoth was gone and only a scrap of Nessa’s magic rope remained. The group then found pieces of the rope strung out in a path, leading them west of the caves. They followed the trail into a room full of fungi. Nessa ignored the tracks made in the mud and ran to the next piece of rope in the middle of the path. There, she was assaulted by violet fungi, reaching out with their decay inducing tentacles. She turned into a flying snake and fled. The rest of the team found that the trail backtracked and continued via shelf fungi along the wall of the room. They continued following the tracks and rope bits out into a room with a statue and an altar that was unrecognizable. Lantian and Flint examined the statue, particularly the head-sized purple gemstone set where its face should be. While they did this, Brenna snuck up the next hallway to spy on the next room. As Lantian extricated the stone and felt a curse narrowly miss him, Brenna found Gar and several cult lackeys standing at a much more ominous alter with a sacrifice waiting at the foot of its pedestal. The room was surrounded with ponds of burning, oily water. Brenna reported back and the party worked out a plan to have Brenna and Nessa sneak into a vantage point and then Lantian and Flint enter to attempt parley. This failed, however, when Gar spotted Brenna and began to talk with her. He asked her to bring her friends and join his cause, even as Morbeoth screamed for them to be killed. Lantian and Flint joined Brenna and said they would not join because Gar would require them to kill the sacrifice to prove their loyalty. A fight ensued as Brenna climbed a wall to fire arrows, Nessa heated the metal of Gar’s claw, Lantian rushed in to the fray with a summoned elemental, and Flint blasted away with his eldritch magics.

Session 36

The group floated north out of the water node and went up a waterfall into a very large and stormy cavern. Through the downpour, they could make out several wrecked ships. As they neared the ships, the party saw a large serpent looking beast rise from one of the ships. Then, several more heads rose from the ship as the huge hydra showed itself. Lantian and Nessa rushed forward as Flint and Brenna took up defensible positions on other ships. Nessa grappled the hydra to the mast of a ship while Lantian hit it with a flaming blast. The team took the hydra down with surprising speed and efficiency, fast enough to return to their bubbles and continue floating north. The next room was full of wavy, deep waters that Lantian left his bubble to explore. The bubbles began to circle a point in the middle of the room when an illusion of an aboleth rose from the water. It told them that they must come to it for aid against the water cult. It warned them that if they ignored it then all they love would be consumed by water. This statement shook Nessa and Flint badly. The bubbles then continued northward and the team came to a small island and a split in the channel. They exited their bubbles and deliberated on which way they should go. Lantian eventually convinced the group to continue looking for Gar, but Nessa told him that it would be on his head should the evils the aboleth described some to pass. They then rested, though not uneventfully. A water weird attacked in the midst of their rest, though the team used Nessa’s giant snake form as a defensive perimeter from which to combat the elemental.


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