Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 51

-fought people
-giant sleeping
-azers waiting back
-didn’t ring the gong
-found secret entrance behind pillar
-found smoky room, found wall of fire

Session 50

-tried to move elevator
-used the elevator (called up by the fire cultists)
-fought fire cultists, angered and efreeti
-freed an azer and killed a salamander prisoner
-stole some supplies and freed more azers
-learned about the elevator (gongs) and escaped back in to the caves
-short rested in Hendrel Foebreaker’s crypt

Session 49

-group went to talk to Xharva
—she directs them downward to the Black Geode
-group fights spectres in mining area
-group gets blessing of Hendrel Foebreaker
—Flint gets a prompt about the dwarven thrower nearby
-group continues exploring caves, finds elevator in volcanic shaft
-group fights emberhorns guarding the elevator

Session 48

-fought shadow demon
-explored cavern (found entrance from Sacred Stone Monastery)
-found Marlos’ room
-short rested
-fought bulette rider and guards
-long rested

Session 47

-killed Miraj and his golem
-snuck back across chasm (Orna almost fell)
-dodged collapsing bridge
-ran into burrowshark with bulette and hobgoblins
—Flint banished the bulette, the party took on the rest easily and ran
-went down the stairs towards the Fane of the Eye
-saw specters in the abandoned mine
-disarmed the alarm spell on the crypt
—prayed at Hendrel Foebreaker’s Crypt, received blessing (25 Temp HP)
—Orna could not receive it
-made their way to the Fane, nothing there
-found Karg and Maul on the way back
—played game, Lantian lost a few silver
—Karg and Maul fought each other
—Nessa robbed them
-party ran back upstairs
-they heard guards coming and hid in Erione’s sanctum
-they then snuck over to Marlos’ quarters
—Brenna disguised herself as Miraj
—Marlos wasn’t there, but instead she found a shadowy demon
—she left when it didn’t know where Marlos was
—she returned with a new plan but it saw through her disguise

Session 46

-Defeated Erione
—Saved “Rukh”
-Went back to water cult to rest and leveled up
-returned to find doorway caved in
-cast wall of fire and scared the wild bulettes loose
-snuck up to Miraj’s workshop
—talked for a minute but then Flint attacked with an eldritch blast

Session 45

-Rescued prisoners
-did not trust Gervor, nor Orna
-worked to save nameless, catatonic wind cultist
-set up deal with Thuluna to restore cultist mentally for 200 GP (half now, half later), 3 gems for letting him stay 3 days, and for the Seekers to act as emissaries to request land for the monstrous inhabitants of the Crushing Wave Temple
-sent Wulgreda, Gervor, and Graf on their way (via the boat) to Rivergard
-went back to earth temple and fought more guards and a priest with Orna

Session 44

-snuck out with Graf (fought swarm of bats on the way)
-rested in water temple guardroom (left Graf there)
-returned to earth temple to fight Heldorm and free captives
-defeated Heldorm, his guards, and the ogres who came in response to the noise

Session 43

-explored rift (crossed without engaging bats)
-Flint played cards with the guards in the barraks
-group destroyed statue of Ogremoch
-group went in to dining hall, Lantian and Flint convinced guards there that they were in the cult
-Lantian tried to bribe the guards for info (did not work)
-combat ensued, group killed 4 guards and a stonemelder (left a cultist, Graff, alive)
-found out that there are prisoners with another stonemelder to the south, group was thinking about resting

Session 42

-went north
-killed nothics
-fought ettin
-met dao


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