Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 21

The Seekers had arrived at Scarlet Moon Hall, Brenna had caught the attention of the priests with her fire and Lantian’s levitation, and the rest of the group had hidden themselves in the crowd or the haze of the hilltop. Brenna was invited up to meet Elizar and started to climb the scaffolding of the hall. Lantian jumped the wall and was able to sneak into the courtyard. As Brenna met Elizar on his way down from the tower, the rest of the people were let into the courtyard in preparation for the ritual. Lantian tried to distract a priest, but ended up catching a gnomish druid. The druid didn’t seem to know what was going on and asked for protection for him and his friends. Lantian agreed and sent him back to the crowd. Brenna and Elizar arrived at the ceremony just as the priests began to chant. Brenna tried to get Elizar to confess that people were being burned up, but he would not. Finally, taking it no longer, Brenna attacked Elizar (who she had at hatchet point). At the same time, Lantian assaulted a priest, Ikki swooped in firing arrows, Nessa transformed into a dire wolf, and Flint cast a spell striking fear into the hearts of several cultists. Battle ensued, fireballs were slung, and the two burly men revealed themselves to be hungry werewolves. In the midst of the chaos, Elizar pulled out a magic dagger, stabbed Ikki, and burned her to ash with some magic ritual. The Seekers, enraged by the loss of their friend, fought valiantly taking down the cultists present before the priests could summon something from the burning man statue. They then realized that Ikki had left behind a glowing egg that seemed ready to explode. The team ran from the egg and left an injured werewolf near the egg. It hatched in an explosion revealing a great phoenix. The team realized that the phoenix still had some of Ikki’s memories, but as the sun rose she was compelled to fly to the sun. The rest of the team sat down to rest and ponder the loss of their friend, Ikki.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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