Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 23

The group awoke and decided to delve deeper into the fire cult establishment. They went through the doorway and followed a lava tube from and inactive volcano into the depths of the Sumber Hills. The eventually arrive at some fortifications guarded by hobgoblins bearing the marks of the Cult of Eternal Flame. They were ordered to keep out, but the group decided to try to sneak in anyways. They ended up provoking attacks from the hobgoblins and fighting them. The hobgoblins called for reinforcements with a horn and two razerblasts came from the next room. One ran back to bring more warriors while the other and the hobgoblin captain fought the Seekers. Although they finally won out, the group found that more reinforcements were on their way (as Flint saw from exploring further) and they would have to get out of there. They retreated (with Lantian knocking down the barricades to block the way) to Scarlet Moon Hall and made camp for the night.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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