Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 25

The Seekers ventured downstairs to find Ahtayir had struck down Windharrow and was fighting several other cultists. The group rushed to his aid and cleared the rest of the ziggurat, though they did not see Aerisi again and Windharrow disappeared through a portal. The fight brought them to the door of the building where they witnessed the stone golem guardian in the moat finish off a foe that Lantian knocked in to the water. Suddenly, Kaz swooped in to the doorway and his wyvern attacked Ahtayir. Ahtayir caught them in a whirlwind and the group finished off their enemies. Nessa decided to explore the pit in the middle of the room and Lantian floated above it with his levitation. Flint noticed magical runes around the pit which seemed to power the rushing wind with a permanent gust of wind like enchantment.

At this point, Nessa realized that they were also enslaving Ahtayir and she decided to put an end to it. She ran back to the horn and smashed it with a thunderwave. Once released, Ahtayir agreed to help the Seekers clear out this section of the city and ward it against interlopers if they would end Aerisi Kalinoth. The seekers agreed and Ahtayir continued cleaning out the city as they rested (though Lantian continued to give aid as he was able). Ahtayir informed the group that the section of the city was cleared of cultists, though some creatures were still around (ghouls in crypt, cloaker in market, and umber hulk in estate). He considered his work done and disappeared in a warm breeze, though not before Lantian asked him to try to bring him word of his father. The group then tried to jump into the pit but found it was blocked by Aerisi’s invisible stalker Whisper.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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