Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 26

The group prepared to give chase to Aerisi by attempting to defeat Whisper. Lantian used his fire vision to see Whisper and attack, and the rest of the party jumped in the pit after him. They all attacked Whisper, but fell past the elemental without killing it. They landed softly and crept through the dark caves. They happened upon a dead end with a bunch of slain creatures. When Lantian investigated, he realized that the hallway was stealing the air from the lungs of creatures that crept to close. The group backtracked and found the other path split at a cavern with rapidly changing weather. Brenna decided to scout ahead by climbing the walls with her spiderclimb slippers. She went up and down the adjacent caves and found a large open cave that seemed to resemble a town. The rest of the party followed and explored this ruined village. They found a crater in the middle of it and were suddenly attacked by spectres. They fended off the spirits and continued deeper into the cave. They entered another cavern and saw a few figures hanging from the ceiling. Upon closer inspection, the figures were living humanoids hanging from meat hooks. Then, the group heard a telepathic voice inviting them to stay and join. They group searched for the source of the voice and Lantian used his fire vision to see a large fiend sizing them up. He immediately attacked the Nycaloth and a frantic battle ensued. The group was able to drive off the Nycaloth, but not after taking a beating. The group freed the 4 captives, learning that 2 were human cultists, 1 was an aarakocra, and 1 was a drow. The aarakocra just wanted to get to the surface, the drow wanted to get back to his people further below, and the cultists were still delirious from not being healed.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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