Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 27

The Seekers decided to aid Balix on his escape from the Howling Caves, helping him pass through caves filled with phantom voices that plucked at the heartbreaks and weaknesses of each character. When Balix left, he gave the group his copy of the map he had created while scouting, though somewhat grudgingly. The group then trekked back to the temple and set Kazra free to fly back to the surface. Then they rested within the temple of the howling hatred. While doing so, they were ambushed by Whisper, who they defeated after suffering from some guerrilla tactics. Rested and raring to go, the group headed back down to the caves, exploring with the help of their new map. They went back to the cave of phantom voices, but could not discern their origin. They then passed down through an area of wind-blasted carvings. The carvings looked like strange figures carved by wind blown sand. The group traveled on past a chasm that the wind was coming from and on down to a mushroom forest. Here they found many mushrooms that were not good to eat and a few magical mushrooms. Flint grabbed one of the magical mushrooms and ate it, growing younger in the process. After that, the group continued on to a cavern with a lake where Lantian began catching fish. He and Flint then went out to a large outcropping of rock in the middle of the lake. They discovered a tomb covered in poisonous fungus. Lantian managed to open the tomb and called Flint over to read the dwarvish script inside. After Flint struggled to climb the slippery rock, he determined that they had found the tomb of Godwyd the Wyrmbane. Despite Lantian’s protestations, Flint stole the shortsword entombed with the hero. Lantian offered to hang on to it for him since Flint is untrained with shortswords.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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