Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 28

The seekers continued into the caves, finding more wind and stumbling upon the lair of a black pudding ooze. The ooze literally got the drop on them and put up a seriously corrosive fight. They group retreated and then headed off to delve northward. They barely made it past a deep cavern, Nessa’s magic rope keeping Flint from falling to his death. They came upon a group of cultists doing some sort of ritual. The group approached and were ignored. Then Flint charmed the leader and ended the ritual. Flint and Brenna went off with the priest while Lantian and Nessa tried to talk the other cultists down as they woke from the ritual. They persuaded a few to surrender, but they had to fight several others. While they we fighting the initiates, Flint and Brenna followed the priest to a cavern full of large stone columns. The priest made a hand signal and told the heroes to ignore the bloodied captives tied to the columns. At this point, Flint had had enough and he attacked the priest. This ended the charm on him and the priest began to flee, but not before calling something down to attack the party. Then, a telepathic voice started laughing at Flint and Brenna as they went to release the prisoners. Nessa and Lantian showed up and suddenly a large gorilla-looking demon appeared near the ceiling and entangled the party. A second one dropped to the ground and began attacking. The party fought valiantly as the captives escaped. Still, one by one they went down until it was just Nessa left. She managed to defeat the last demon and revive her friends.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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