Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 30

The seekers took a short rest and then continued on into the final chamber of the Howling Caverns. There they saw Aerisi working on a ritual with the priests who had retreated, along with a elemental bound to plate armor. Aerisi stood over a bloodstained alter onto which a gnome was bound. The priests stood around a giant thunderhead on a raised dias through which glimpses of an endless sky could be seen. Lantian walked up and shouted at Aerisi at which point she took up her gleaming spear and pointed it at them. A fierce battle raged, full of daring aerial attacks and lightning bolts. Lantian ran up and freed the gnome as Flint used Hunger of Hadar to enclose and damage the group on the platform. Aerisi flung lightning bolts as she flew around the cavern. The gnome (Leana) grabbed her rapier and began sneaking up on the priests to disrupt the ritual. Nessa went toe to toe with the elemental in her saber-tooth tiger form as Flint and Brenna rained death on their attackers. Lantian made a flying leap at Aerisi and pummeled her as they fell to the ground. Leana defeated the priests before they could complete their ritual and the elemental was finally slain, but Aerisi managed to knock out Leana, Flint, Lantian, and Nessa with lightning bolts. She then turned to the air node and began performing the ritual that the priests had failed to complete. Brenna sneaked forward, healing Leana and loosing an arrow. Aerisi ignored her and continued the ritual. As Flint bled out on the floor, Brenna’s last arrow struck home and Aerisi died in a howling whirlwind. Brenna went to her injured companions and healed them, but found that Flint had died in the combat. Lantian, still close to the portal, heard a soft voice emanating from the storm and walked forward to investigate. There he heard Ahtayir the djinni say that he had found Lantian’s father (who turned out to be a djinni noble) and had been given the power to grant Lantian one wish. Lantian wished for Flint to be returned to life which the djinni then granted. Leana then told the group that the portal to the elemental plane of air could be closed by throwing Aerisi’s spear into it, which Lantian immediately proceeded to do. The portal collapsed in on itself and the cavern was finally quiet. The Cult of the Howling Hatred had been defeated.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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