Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 2

As our intrepid heroes continued along the Larch Path, they met shepherds travelling west and got what information they could from them. The following day they were ambushed by jackalweres, but were able to kill most of them and save a caravan driver named Melvyn. They continued on uneventfully the next day, reaching the Stone Trail. As night fell a group of Knights of Samalur came upon the party, asking after the jackalweres. After a night of rest, the knights went on towards the jackalwere den to bury their friend and take Melvyn home. The party continued over the Stone Bridge and made it to Beliard, where they learned of the delegations path and some more rumors surrounding their disappearance.

Session 1

Our brave heroes arrived in Red Larch, meeting each other as well as various faction contacts, in the Helm at Highsun. They discovered an expeditious route to the Mirabarran delegation’s last known location via the Red Larch Path. They gathered the next day and set off for Beliard. They chose to continue traveling through the night and stumbled upon an owlbear den. They fended off the hulking beasts and found a safe place to rest for the night.

The Story so Far

Adventurers have been making their way to the Dessarin Valley as of late, though their intentions are not always known. For this reason, all are met with suspicion until they prove their cause. Those that defend the locals, put their skills to good use, or are allied with factions of good repute are met with open arms and thanks. But many seem to sneak off into the wilds for unknown purposes or skulk around the towns causing even more suspicion. Entering Red Larch is not hard, but gaining trust without connections might prove more difficult.


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