Calendar of Events

Day 0
Arrived in Red Larch
Met contacts, got maps

Day 1
Left Red Larch
Walked into night
Owlbears attacked

Day 2
Walked uneventfully
Met shepherds

Day 3
Got ambushed by jackalweres
Saved Melvyn

Day 4
Made it to Stone Trail
Met knights

Day 5
Crossed stone bridge
Arrived in Beliard

Day 6
Marched towards Summit Hall
Found delegation battleground
Fought off ankhegs
Tracked group to the riverside

Day 7
Marched up the river
Hailed barge to no avail
Crossed the stone bridge again
Traveled down other river bank

Day 8
Travel down river looking for keelboats
Ambushed in the night by perytons

Day 9
Discover Rivergard Keep
Talk to Jolliver and Drosnin
Expelled from keep
See large fire on hilltop in the night

Day 10
Investigate hilltop
Meet druids
Witness burning of wicker giant
Leave Scarlet Moon Camp

Day 11
Walk to Feathergale Spire
Meet Thurl and Knights
Join feast
Go on manticore hunt
Fight Knights and get knocked out

Day 12
Wake up in prison
Brought to Thurl’s reviving ritual
Freed by Aarakocra
Kill Howling Hatred cultists (clear Spire)

Day 13
Travel to Knifepoint Gully

[Session 7]
Day 14
Fight Gnolls
Sleep in gnoll camp
Ogre stumbles upon them in night (slain)

Day 15
Find Knifepoint Gully crevasse
Hurricane ambush
Find Tyar-Besil
Enter the city
Find obelisk row with initiates
Rescue commoners from priests
Rescue prisoners from kenku after standoff
Help prisoners escape
Meet Ahtayir
Ambushed initiate patrol
Talk to “Eric”
Escape from the city after alarm is raised
Camp in Knifepoint Gully

Day 16
Catch up with prisoners, send Derrik with them
Head towards SSM
Meet Watchful Knight in the night

Day 17
Follow the knight
Meet pilgrims
Find a monastery, knight leads them in the back entrance
Meet Renwick the lich who asks a favor (his brother’s bones from KoS)
Charmed 2 monks
Learned about Black Earth
Got 2 sets of robes
Killed 4 monks, decide to fight Qarbo
Fought gargoyle in courtyard
Saw Hellenrae in halls
Snuck downstairs and got past Jarth and Co.
Unlocked prisoner cells
Killed Jarth and Co.
Snuck out with prisoners

Day 18
Brennik gave his 3 day warning
Walked and talked to Bruldenthar

Day 19
Walked uneventfully
Scared off gnolls in the night

Day 20
Fought bugbear camp
Arrived in Red Larch, welcomed gladly and put up for the night

Day 21
Bought supplies
Got equipment from contacts
Gave information to contacts and Harburk
Flint forged “The Book Club”
Nessa got measured for dire wolf barding
Bruldenthar to be sent to Waterdeep for reinforcements
Bucca summoned Perkins
Flint talks to Hyrsam

Day 22
Bucca encounters Cthulhu
Party buys horses, heads east on Cairn Road
Find Maccus’ Homestead

Day 23
Party continues east
Fight with toll racket bandits (Bert and Gert)
Found “bandits”, restored their heirlooms, gave then money
Set off for Sacred Stone Monastery

Day 24
Group rides through the rain, arrives at monastery
Enters through main entrance
Ambushes monk and minotaur
Fight duergar
Lost Bucca to some sort of gem activated sand trap
Killed umber hulk, Qarbo, 2 guards, and a gargoyle
Killed Hellenrae, the rest of the monks who resisted
Escaped SSM

Day 25
Travel east to the river
Leave Merric, Bonkers heads to SSM to steal amulet
Sneak into Rivergard, kill guards stealthily
Chase down and kill Jolliver
[Session 18]
Fight through most of keep, defeat Urshnora, Drosnin prisoner
[Session 19]
Fought and defeated Reash
Freed captives
Fought Shoalar
[Session 20]
Talked to Shoalar, let him go
Sent off captives with supplies and orders to send guards

Day 26
Infiltrated Scarlet Moon Camp
[Session 21]
Killed priests and Elizar, but lost Ikki (turned into a phoenix)

[Session 22]
Day 27
Entered Scarlet Moon Hall
Found entrance to Temple of the Eternal Flame
[Session 23]
Entered Temple of Eternal Flame, killed hobgoblins

[Session 24]
Day 28
Left for Temple of Howling Hatred

Day 29
Set off into temple from Feathergale Spire
Inflitrated cult
Fought Aerisi, called Ahtayir
Aerisi escaped
[Session 25]
Cleared the temple, freed Ahtayir
[Session 26]
Explored Howling Caves
Rescued some captives
[Session 27]
Helped captives escape the caves

Day 30
Delved back into Howling Caves (with a map!)
Found dwarven tomb
[Session 28]
Broke up cultist ritual
Fought demons to rescue 2 women

Calendar of Events

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