Princes of the Apocalypse


The group continued to fight Shoalar for a bit but finally talked with him after he brought down a tidal wave on them. The Seekers got off his boat and Shoalar became much more reasonable. They decided he was not on the same side as the water cult. They listened to his story of trading with the cult to get by, traded him some gold for a health potion, and let him and Pike go down river to Womford on the Rivermaiden (with some assistance from a pair of merrow). They then brought Drosnin and the fathomer they captured to the keep and made sure the commoners were okay. Three of the commoners seem to have looted Jolliver’s belongings and left, but the others stayed behind. Everyone bedded down for the night and passed the night uneventfully. Upon waking the group found that the fathomer had escaped in water snake form, but everyone was still safe. The group then left the commoners on the pier with some gold to catch a ride down to Womford. The commoners were also given money and orders to tell the group’s contacts in Red Larch about Rivergard Keep and Sacred Stone Monastery and ask for guards to be sent. The Seekers then brought Drosnin with them as they trekked out towards Scarlet Moon Hall. They then abandoned her in the wilderness as punishment for her cult ties and her malice. The Seekers spent the next day hiking and planning a way to get Brenna into the fire cult’s good graces. They hid Nessa as a mouse in Brenna’s hood, then went into the middle of the cult campsites and began their performance. Brena produced flame and Lantian levitated her. Lantian started putting out torches, gusting bonfires for effect, and shaping the flames in Brenna’s hands for effect. She told the crowd she wanted to meet the leader of the cult and was brought up the hill towards the giant wicker man by a tall priest to meet Elizar Dryflagon. She was brought up to the edge of the courtyard, but would have to leave her companions behind with the guards if she wanted to proceed.


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