Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 22

The Seekers, now down to 4 members, decided to make their way into Scarlet Moon Hall. When they busted open the door, they found a pile of rubble and a few small firey elementals. The magmins turned out to be little pyromaniacs tasked with burning through the rubble. From a hole in the ceiling, a voice told the characters to leave. They ignored the voice and received a fireball for their trouble. The players then fought the magmins, the priest who was upstairs, and eventually his azer cohort, Karthag. The group eventually made a fighting retreat and tried to climb the broken scaffolding. Upon reaching the door they found that the azer had relayed their position and the priest was continuing to tell them to “Begone!”. They finally retreated to the edge of the courtyard and Nessa started blasting the hall with called lightning. In the process she disturbed a roost of giant bats, eventually killing 2 and forcing the others out. The priest showed up at the upper door with a fireball prepared and told them to leave with no more shenanigans. The party backed away but readied actions for if the priest reappeared. He did not. after a little while the group blasted the door open to find the priest and azer gone and the magmins playing in a pool of magma. They finished off all but the last magmin and rested after all their trouble.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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