Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 31

They party , still recovering from their battle with Aerisi, decided to make their way back to Red Larch. They set off with Leana in tow and headed out uneventfully toward Feathergale Spire. On the way, the party found a chest left in the temple that they had not seen before. They puzzled over it for a bit, but then when Lantian opened it he found several gifts and a note from his father. With this new knowledge and equipment, the party continued on, reaching Feathergale Spire by nightfall. They were heartily welcomed because they brought good news of the cult’s spread being slowed. The Seekers also told the aarakocra warband that they could go home because reinforcements would be sent to protect the spire. The aarakocra were very happy to be able to go home and held a feast that night in honor of the Seekers. During this time, Lantian spoke with Leizhu and learned of the Tranquil Waters Monastery and that the monks there knew a method to travel quickly by the river. Leizhu told Lantian that he had proven himself and that upon visiting he would be admitted to the monastery. In the morning, the seekers headed for Red Larch with Leana, Leizhu, and Nerise in tow. Leana told the group she left behind some caches and maps within the caves of the cult temples. She decided to train Brenna in the roguish arts to allow her to recognize these hidden caches and to help her overcome some locks and other obstacles. When the group arrived at Red Larch, they were greeted as returning heroes. Nerise was reunited with her husband, the townsfolk were happy to see the Seekers still alive, and Leana told the group she would get ahold of her friend Templeton in Westbridge to see what aid he might be able to offer. The group then learned disheartening news from Beliard: cultists with some sort of elemental device caused serious destruction. The town was all but wiped from the map with an elemental water attack. The Seekers then resolved to take the fight to the water cultists. After spending another evening in the hospitality of Red Larch as the local celebrities, the Seekers trekked back out to the temple, made their way back to the city of Tyar Besil, and headed east to the Temple of the Crushing Wave. Lantian found that the bars that previously blocked the passage receded when he approached with the silver orb that Aerisi had dropped. Further on, Brenna was able to pick a lock barring entrance to the Temple of the Crushing Wave. This new section of the city was dimly lit and full of canals, underground lakes, and winding passages. The group headed off and immediately found a room filled with bugbears. Although they tried to talk the creatures down, they were unsuccessful as the bugbears were warned to be wary of “air cultist tricks”.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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