Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 24

The party decided to make for the Temple of the Howling Hatred next after resting again in Scarlet Moon Hall. As they left the building, they saw a small flame still burning near the remains of the wicker man. Brenna discovered a flaming gemstone that was warm but not hot to the touch. After some testing and observation, the group confirmed that it was some sort of conjuring stone. Brenna kept it to attune to later. They traveled uneventfully through the day, only hearing wolves in the distance as night fell. The following day the group ventured forth to Feathergale Spire, meeting Mercurio and his aarakocra war band at the spire. The group resupplied and set out for the cave entrance to the temple after confirming a signal flare from the cave would mean they need help from the aarakocra. They made their way to the city and approached the gate. The door was locked, so Lantian decided to knock. At this point, Nessa turned into a spider and hid in Lantian’s hood. Nobody answered, so he said that he would like to bring his musical skills in service of the air cult. The door unlatched and the kenku listened intently from the arrow slits. Lantian played very well, then asked for audience and one of the kenku ran off. The kenku returned, opened the far door, and let the party in. They went to the adjacent courtyard and found Windharrow and the Windwyrds in the midst of a practice session. Windharrow sent away his musicians and asked the party to play, giving Brenna a flute to play. Lantian began playing his and Flint’s flute while Flint sneakily cast a spell to charm Windharrow. Windharrow failed the charming and subsequently led the group up to the Queen’s chambers. The party was introduced to the queen as Nessa snuck off to climb across the ceiling towards the horn. The party played music for the queen, but she seemed only mildly amused. Right as she was starting to get bored, Nessa transformed into a gnome and blew the horn. The sound resounded throughout the city and the Queen flew into a rage. She shocked the group with chain lightning and tried to flee to her guards. The Seekers brought the pain, but the Queen managed to escape by turning invisible. Ahtayir showed up just as the group was subduing the drugged cultists who stumble out from the curtains. Lantian helped Nessa give an order to Ahtayir to clear out the cults from Tyar-Besil. Ahtayir began promptly killing cultists, even those that surrendered, as he gave chase to the Queen and her guards.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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