Princes of the Apocalypse


The Seekers made their way back to the pond to rest and recuperate their strength. The group took on various watches and observed several prowling priests searching for them. Then, on the last watch, Nessa saw the priests performing rituals. When the group finally stirred, they sent Leizhu and Nerise toward the surface before moving back towards the last part of the tunnel system. On their way, they stopped to examine the ritual site Nessa had observed. Flint used his eldritch sight to identify an elemental whirlwind trap. Flint blasted the trap with eldritch blast and the Seekers continued on through the tunnels. They made it across the cavern and disarmed another trap, only to find several priests waiting for them at the end a a very windy tunnel. The party charged ahead, but they were slowed by the wind and dust devils created by the priests. They priests, unaffected by the wind, wreaked havoc on the group who struggled to get to them. When one of the priests was killed, the others made a fighting retreat, leaving the Seekers to plan their next move.


Dan_Ziegler Dan_Ziegler

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